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Linkedin Scraping Services

Linkedin is world’s largest professional network and allow professionals to manage their professional identity. We have experts equipped with latest tools and techniques to scrape largest professional networking - linkedin. Data Scraping Services (UK) is the great service provider for your linkedin scraping requirement at economical price quote. With excellent client satisfaction records, Data Scraping Services (UK) feels proud and introduces oursalves as one best web scraping services provider across the UK.

Linkedin Data Scraping – People
Data Scraping Services (UK) is expert in collect linkedin profile scraping and deliver database into excel or csv format as per your work requirement. Following are the common data sets which clients ask for scraping.
- Name
- Designation (Title)
- Company Name
- Location
- Industry
- Current
- Past
- Education
- Connection
- Websites
- Experience

Linkedin Data Scraping – Companies
Data Scraping Services is worldwide expert in linkedin data scraping of companies of various industries. We request you to send us the industry and the fields (data sets) you are looking for, so our professional can prepare excellent sample and send you sample with price quote. Following are the very common data fields which our client asks us to scrape.
- Company Name
- Company Type
- Company Size
- Website URL
- Industry
- Founded Year
- Email
- Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country

Data Scraping Services (UK) is proficient in linkedin profile scraping, companies details scraping, web searching, data collection, web data extraction and processing services. Get a free trial with us on your web data scraping requirement. Share your linkedin scraping requirement with us and get cost effective solutions within quick turn around time. For more information email us on